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If you don't know, I'll be posting some new art here that's colored on my tablet thanks to Paint Tool SAI. Feel free to drop by and let the inspiration of my artworks sink in... As well as some others I did for friends and requests i did.





Sorry for the absence, spending time with GF, more arts will come, primarily in sketch form, but digital finishes will be most flippin' imminent!
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In case you read this, I gave in... I gave in and created a Pixiv account since a majority of skilled and talented artists of any medium have moved or expanded to there. Don't expect any arts from me over there, as I often feel that Pixiv, much like Newgrounds, have this sort of stigma and certain standards in terms of what classifies as "art" to the users over there, and I honestly can't argue... So I'll just be a follower/watcher on there for the time being until my skills as an illustrator meet to "their" standards. Don't you fucking tell me what defines art to people on Pixiv, or who the fuck runs the site, because it's all subjective opinion in the end of it all. and that's all it fucking is, opinions, and nothing fucking more... Sorry, I got a tad bitter about it. I'll stop. ^^;

Now, I also made a Vidme account, mainly as an alternative to YouTube since the site itself is going downhill to the shitter, even if it is at a snail's pace. That's mostly it for now, again, don't expect much.

Here's the links to both my Pixiv and my Vidme in case you'd wanna know. Again, don't expect much from these two, it's just for you to check out till I actually do something with the two. So just be patient

That's pretty much it, thanks if you've read through it, even if it's just a few paragraphs, and until then, bye!


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Ozzy DERP-feta
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hey yo! This is MysteryFanBoy aka the Mofeta from Brooklyn, aka Osiris. I'm a guy who loves to draw, loves to eat, and a connoisseur of derrières. If you like to know more about me and what I do, just not me. Before you ask Yes, I do commissions, though I am not open unless I announce via journal, and NO, I DO NOT do requests anymore, I'm sorry. Don't even thank me for the watches, I just find your works appealing to me despite the content you've drawn.

PS: If you also wanna find me elsewhere, contact me at these list of sites I'm available in:

-Fur Affinity:…
-Newgrounds: (semi-inactive)
-HentaiFoundry:… (semi-inactive and invalid)
-FurryNetwork:… (semi-inactive)

"Social" Media

Facebook (Art Page):…
Tumblr (Main):
Tumblr (NSFW):
Blogger (Clean):…
Blogger (Dirty):

Stream Sites

Twitch: "MofetaFanBoy718" (communication-exclusive)
Picarto: (Main streaming channel)
Piczel: (under construction)

I'm also available on Skype too -> zorrillofanboi



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MrAMP Featured By Owner 3 days ago

Hey there.  Thank you kindly for all those favorites!  I really appreciate it.  If you haven’t, you should so check out the artists that did the line art for them.

Stormourner Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I found this on Kickstarter… XD
MysteryFanBoy718 Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Stormourner Featured By Owner 2 days ago
yup X3
INico Featured By Owner 5 days ago   General Artist
Having read a little something about you, I'd like to ask you a little something if it's ok with you. I have an idea as to what Mexican food is like, but what's the Dominican kind like?
MysteryFanBoy718 Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist
I know this may offend some friends of mine, but think of Puerto Rican food, but with a national twist. We are big on pork and beef, rice and beans, and some tostones, which is basically fried flattened plantains.
INico Featured By Owner 4 days ago   General Artist
Sounds pretty elaborate, and the only food I know something about in the region is the Cuban kind, but Puerto Rican also sounds quite nice. Are you familiar with those of our kind, aside from the barbecue dishes?
MysteryFanBoy718 Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
What kind of dishes of yours? Korean? I've never had any Korean dish, nor any Korean BBQ, but I am eager and curious to try. I do have a jar of kimchi in my fridge, but never had the chance to try.
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PJToon75 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your artwork looks awesome! Good stuff!
MysteryFanBoy718 Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist
Thanks. ^^
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